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Eco-Warriors, rejoice!  These organic cotton pouches with fold-over tops are reusable and an easy go-to for grab and go!  Simply tuck your lunchable items, kids' game-day snacks, or your favorite picnic treats inside these handy-dandy Reusable Organic Cotton Pouches in Charcoal Triangle patterns. 


Handmade with fabric scraps from the cutting room of Fair Anita's Cambodian workshop, each bag is doing so much good for so many reasons!  You'll be glad you're rescuing sea creatures from more plastic in their ocean and adding a bit less waste to the local landfill with every use of these sweet bags.  And not only are you saving the planet, you're saving lives in Cambodia by providing the artisans with more meaningful work and sustainable wages as an alternative to the far-too-common sex trafficking that devastates this country and its people.


You'll get one large and one small with each purchase.

Reusable Organic Cotton Snack Bags - Charcoal Triangles

    • Set of 2 - Large: 7.5"x7" Small: 5.5"x5"
    • Machine washable.
    • Made from handwoven organic cotton fabric and eco-friendly dyes. 
    • Does not have a designated closure, but flap folds over the top to keep your items secure.
  • Handmade in Cambodia by Fair Anita

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