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Creatively crafted from recycled saris, these Yoga Bags are perfect examples of repurposing fabrics to produce something brand new and totally unique.  Tote your favorite yoga mat to class, tuck your phone and keys into the convenient button pocket on the front while you find inner peace.  Each Recycled Sari Yoga Bag has beautiful, one-of-a-kind fabric to make it you-niquely yours!


What does Fair Trade mean to Chunta, the manager of Ganesh Himal Trading's Nepal Center?

“Your continuous work has made the workers able to plan their future better and has been able to involve more women to work who otherwise would be sitting home…We all think Ganesh Himal has been a true fair trade importer bringing changes for the better in so many peoples lives through new product ideas, patience in dealing with all our problems and ever empathizing manner.  I always feel so grateful to be working with you.”


“For me, your continuous work and job has made my life so stable and I have been able to support my son’s education, and have a good life.  Above all this job has given me a lot of learning experience getting to know so many people from different walks of life and really appreciating what I have and also being able to help other people or each other by sharing our experiences and way of doing things not only about work but our personal lives too.”

Recycled Sari Yoga Bag

  • Handmade in Nepal by Tibet Wears

    • recycled sari silk yoga bag
    • assorted colors and patterns from vintage sari scraps
    • tie strap for easy adjustment
    • 29″ long, 9″ wide
    • zip pocket 6.5″ X 8″
    •  front button pocket measures 7″ X 7″ X 1.25″ deep

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