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Patty the Flamingo is spunky and funky, soft, cuddly, and lovable - probably a lot like your child, who is sure to flip for this fun bird!  Ready to stalk happily into any kiddo's animal-loving heart and enjoy every story he or she can dream up, Patty will likely become your child's best friend in every escapade.


With a luscious blush pink body, wings full of fabulously fluffy feathers in bold hues of strawberry and raspberry, delightfully lanky tan legs and feet, gracefully long neck, and sleepy sweet eyes, Patty is handmade with GOTS-certified organic cotton yarn by refugee women from Syria.  


The women who lovingly created each of these adorable plush playmates are Syrian refugees whose families have been displaced to Istanbul, Turkey.  Through their skill and employment with Bebemoss and now partnering additionally with MADEx51, they are able to call attention to the refugee crisis stemming from the intense warring in Syria, as well as the plight of displaced women and children who have the same hopes and dreams that your own children have - a world of love and peace, of acceptance and value, of happiness and a future that is secure. 

When you purchase Patty the Flamingo or any of our Bebemoss pals, you are ensuring food and shelter for each of these children and their moms because you are providing them with work and wages.  "Imagine being in a new country without resources to provide for your family. Imagine wondering how you will afford to provide food for your children. While these are the stories of many women, we can help them together." - Izabela, founder of Bebemoss, LLC.

Patty the Flamingo

  • Details: Organic cotton yarn, Hand knitted, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill

    Age: 0-onwards

    Length : 14"/ 35 cm. Conforms to CE standards on toy safety

  • Handmade by Syrian refugee women in Turkey for Bebemoss, LLC.

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