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Beautifully hand-painted capiz shells in periwinkle, lavender & silver dance together as they twinkle and jingle in harmony, making your evening meals on the patio or morning coffee on the porch that much more enjoyable.  These Orchid Capiz Wind Chimes are stunning examples of eco-friendly art, with each shell cut into different shapes, painted in hues of violet, and crafted into an elegant two-tiered chandelier wind chime.


Ingenuity, a bit of spare time, and a surplus of capiz shells leftover from fishing the Jingle Oysters that grew abundantly in Java's shallow sea beads allowed the Balinese fishermen to create art instead of discarding the shells.  The BaliZen sustainable line of capiz shell chimes was designed by their founder and beautifully handcrafted by these fishermen-turned-artisans and the wind chimes are assembled in their fair trade workshop in Bali. 


Dimensions: 4.25″ x 15″

Orchid Mini Chandelier Wind Chimes

  • Handmade in Bali by BaliZen

  • For a video on how Bali and BaliZen are handling Covid-19.... CLICK HERE.

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