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The Jeweltone Ikat Mini Backpack is fun and full of funky flair that also has a practical side.  Not only is it bold in its jubilant teal, violet, amber, and grassy hues of traditional Mayan origin, it has a zippered pocket, adjustable straps, and a tie closure to hold all of your essentials for today.  This Mini Backpack is perfect for anyone on the go who loves a bag that's easy to wear from morning until night.


*Due to the handmade nature of this product, the exact color or pattern may vary from the photos.  It will be in a jeweltone shade.

Mayan textiles possess an incredible traditional history that exhibits the intricacy of weaving techniques and the use of backstrap and counterbalance (foot) looms, balanced with the vibrancy of religious and social significance.  The gifted artisans from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala have continued these generation-upon-generation old skills through their weaving work and their upcycling of these handwoven textiles to recreate the stories that were originally told in such vivid, bold fabrics.


Today, these backpacks create jobs for men and women who are able to send their children to school and university, an opportunity that is sadly not often attainable for many young people in Guatemala.

Ikat Mini Backpack -Jeweltone

Color: Jeweltone
    •  adjustable straps
    • front zipper pocket
    • bead and tie closure for the main compartment with a velcro flat
    • wrist strap
    • measures 9" H X 8" W
  • Handmade in Guatemala by Lucia's Imports

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