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Calling all dog lovers!  These sweet Handmade Doggy Mugs are just right for you.   You'll love the gentle, smiling puppy dog face on this lovely, handmade mug.  Hand–painted by artisans in the traditional ceramic village of Bat Trang, Vietnam, these cute-as-can-be mugs are perfect.


Start the day with a delicious mug of Toffee Caramel, Hazelnut Creme, or Breakfast Blend coffees from Equal Exchange, a cup of Peppermint Detox or Purple Teas from JusTea.  Add your favorite dark chocolate hot cocoa mix from Equal Exchange or Chamomile Tea from JusTea to create a lovely teacher gift or host/hostess treat.


 This adorable Dog Mug is formed in a mold and then hand–painted with glaze using one of the most ancient traditions in Vietnam - pottery-making. The Bat Trang village was established in the 14th century to supply ceramics to the royal household, and we're glad that they now make beautiful drinkware for non-royals too!

Handmade Dog Mug

  • Handmade in Vietnam by Mai Handicrafts

  • Using a potter's wheel or a slip cast, pottery pieces are formed when clay is shaped or poured into a mold, then allowed to air dry before bisque firing. Pottery is glazed and painted, then fired again.

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