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Artistically classy and naturally gorgeous, the Half Moon Horn Necklace with Braided Leather Cord is a statement piece like no other.  And quite literally so since every necklace is as unique as each sustainably harvested Haitian cow horn that was used to create it.  Designed by Christelle Chignard Paul for her workshop, Atelier Calla, in their partership with 2nd Story Goods.

Atelier Calla is a black woman-owned workshop, founded by Christelle Chignard Paul, provides employment and income for its own artisans, as well as partners with Fleur de Vie to specifically address the serious issues of improving education for children and teacher training in the third world country of Haiti.  


*photos courtesy of 2nd Story Goods

Half Moon Horn Necklace by Atelier Calla

  • In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, all of our Haitian horn jewelry is handmade using the discarded cow horns as food by-products.

  • Handmade in Haiti by Atelier Calla with 2nd Story Goods 

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