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You are saving the planet AND wildlife AND human lives when you purchase these adorable handmade bracelets!

Hand-strung on elastic cording with a silver-plated giraffe accent bead and hand-rolled paper beads that are made from recycled paper before being hand-dipped in non-toxic, water-resistant lacquer, this bracelet supports conservation efforts to rescue and research wildlife in Kenya, and the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

This bracelet ALSO provides employment, fair wages, and education for men, women, and children in Kenya, which makes this dainty piece incredibly powerful in its world-changing impact.

Giraffe Recycled Paper Bracelet - Coral

  • Handmade in Kenya for Acacia Creations

  • Simply by purchasing this item, you have donated 10% of the cost to the conservation of elephants and rhinos in Kenya through a partnership with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and to the research of and advocacy for sea turtles in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific through a partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy

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