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The Fleche and Fringe Arrow is a terrific decor piece that adds a coppery accent to any wall in your house.  Maybe your office needs an update for your endless Zoom calls or your kiddo wants a room re-do for their remote learning classes, or maybe your favorite photo wall just calls for a little direction.  The hand-woven, natural cotton fringe and the hand-pounded detailing on this arrow makes a statement.

Using upcycled steel drums, a copper finish, and natural cotton accents, the young men of HUGG Mission Market have hand-crafted each piece, so that it speaks volumes of the hopes that each of them has in leaving their lives on the streets of Haiti to using employment and empowerment programs through HUGG to create new futures.  Tumultuous politics and multiple natural disasters wreaked havoc on families in Haiti, resulting in far too many children becoming homeless with little hope for escape.  HUGG and our other Haitian partnerships offer a hand up, not a hand out, to these children and adults so that they can begin to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.

Fleche and Fringe Arrow - Copper

    • 19” L x 18” W 
    • Copper Finish
    • Natural Cotton Cord 
  • Handmade in Haiti by HUGG Mission Market

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