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Sometimes we need to remind someone (or ourselves!) that we really are going to offer great things in a new situation!  Maybe it's a graduation from one level of school to the next, or maybe it's starting a new job or a new role as a parent or spouse, but regardless of what the reason, it is always a welcome gesture when we give and/or receive encouragement from those who are close to us.  If you're looking to support a child or parent or best friend in his or her next life adventure, or you need a little reminder for yourself, that you don't need to be afraid to be great, this 5"x7" flat card with a blank back is perfect for sharing a handwritten note of encouragement!


And to inspire the giver or receiver further, the hand-rolled and recycled paper bead bracelet is custom-made in Kenya by teen moms at Have Hope, a maternity rescue center that is affiliated with Mercy House Global.  Each paper bead is crafted by hand before being dipped in water-resistant glaze to protect its unique color in any weather.  Add some more greatness to the world by providing education, employment, health care, shelter, and food for the young women and their babies as they work to bring hope to their families through this artisan work!

Don't Be Afraid to be Great Card & Paper Bead Bracelet Gift Set


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