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Carefully crafted using historically traditional and modernly sustainable methods, these Chindi Woven Dog Mats are as unique as your furry friend!  Each mat is handmade with upcycled sari cotton fabric scraps and sustainable jute fibers, providing you with an eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind gift for your pup and your home.


Weaving methods that began humbly, in an effort for women to reuse old cotton clothing to create new and useful home items to save money and resources, offer new purpose for treasured fabric.  Combining function with fashion, these impressively handmade mats from Rajasthan, India are ready for whatever your best fur friend needs.





Photos: Matr Boomie

Chindi Woven Dog Mat

    • Recycled sari fabrics and jute fibers
    • *Due to the handmade and upcycled nature of our items, colors and designs cannot be determined or chosen.
    • Each piece is a unique surprise and may not match the photo shown (photos are just an example).
    •  Dimensions: 24" L x 14" W
    • Spot clean
  • Handmade in India by Matr Boomie

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