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"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."  ~ Maya Angelou


Support the caregivers, friends, and families of children with Autism or someone you love who has Autism when you wear one of these beautifully hand-strung bracelets from our partners, Beljoy, in Haiti!  Each bracelet bears a brass puzzle piece charm as a symbol of your thoughts and prayers for those individuals or as a way to recognize that Autism is just one piece of a whole person and not the only defining characteristic.


We celebrate  all of these people who are on this journey through the trials and triumphs that come with loving on someone with different abilities.  We especially honor and cherish each individual of every age who has Autism and for the incredible strength and perseverance he and she possesses.


This beautiful bracelet is hand-strung with wooden circular beads and is adorned with a royal blue tassel and brass puzzle piece charm.  Each purchase creates jobs and sustainable employment for the women artisans in Haiti who lovingly created each bracelet with love for you.

Cherished Bracelet

  • Handmade in Haiti by Beljoy

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