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"You should be able to see the artisan's touch in each carving.  You can't get that in a factory." 
~ Fortunato, 3rd-generation woodworker and artisan behind this bowl


Hewn from sustainably harvested acacia wood in the Philippines, this hand-carved 10" Acacia Wood Heart Bowl is perfect for sharing with love with your own household or with a loved one. 


Fortunato and his team in Bulacan, located near metro Manila, Philippines, still use traditional, generations-old hand-carving techniques and tools to lovingly and masterfully create each bowl.  No two wooden pieces are identical, thanks to the nature of their incredible craftsmanship and use of natural, sustainable resources.

The artisans use only certified sustainably harvested wood and each bowl is slowly kiln dried to ensure it lasts a lifetime. And since it is sealed in a certified food-safe finish, this heart-shaped bowl is a lovely fruit bowl in your kitchen, centerpiece for your dining space, or a display on your favorite bookshelf. 


Anywhere it's placed, the simple design and handmade nature is sure to speak volumes of the love that the artisans from Acacia Creations put into it.

10 " Acacia Wood Heart Bowl

  • Handmade in the Philippines for Acacia Creations

  • Hand wash with warm, soapy water and towel dry.

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