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Celebrate the glory of the season with uniquely special, hand-crafted Fair Trade & ethically made gifts
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Fair Anita
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Acacia Creations
Grain of Rice Project

We're changing the world  together.


These are the countries where we have artisan partners. 

This is your impact when you purchase with a purpose.

Fair Trade   Ethically Made

Photo: Acacia Creations

LOTS of reasons!  

 - you are choosing to empower individuals, regardless of gender or social or economic status, to rise above poverty, trafficking, and homelessness when you support employment opportunities for their communities to receive education, healthcare, clean water.

   - you are choosing to encourage sustainable farming and growing practices that offer healthier, chemical-free foods and environmentally-responsible sourcing for the elements that are crafted into each handmade product.

   - you are choosing to provide fair wages and reliable income to the makers and growers of your products so that they may provide for their basic needs while reinvesting in their businesses and having a voice in the global economy.

   - you are choosing to consciously value the cultures and craftsmanship in each item, to change the lives, families, communities, and world when you purchase Fair Trade, ethically made items.

Thank you for choosing to purchase with purpose.

Meredith Hedeen

Founder of Ethical Hope

Why should you shop Fair Trade?

Changing lives
one family and one community at a time

Photo: Global Mamas

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