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Soothing to the senses and calming to the soul, this handcrafted beeswax soap by Zambeezi is fragrantly floral with lavender.  A little of this lovely soap goes a long way with its bubbly goodness and rich lather.  We think you'll love the purpose behind this purchase as much as we do!


Why Zambeezi Soap: Thoughtfully crafted, each bar invites you to reimagine your daily routine. The soap's natural aromatics will leave you feeling as if you've stepped into an open lavender field in the heart of Zambia, Africa.  Sunflower oil and organic beeswax provide a skin softening foundation and palm kernel oil creates a lather unparalleled by other soap bars. Paired with locally sourced essential oils, your skin is guaranteed to be reinvigorated. And if that isn't enough, your purchase empowers.  We're about people; offering more and giving back. [shared from Zambeezi]


"Can we love others from the context of poverty? That has been my concern: loving people when I have nothing. Can I express care for them, when I don’t have? I think this is the motivating factor. It is the drive within us and behind all that we do."
~ Barry Illunga, Founding Zambian Partner

Zambeezi Lavender Beeswax Soap

  • Lavender

    Ingredients: saponified sunflower oil, saponified palm kernel oil, organic beeswax, lavender oil, ground poppy seed, distilled water

  • Handmade in Zambia by Zambeezi

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