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Minimalist in design, this simple and symbolic Wrought Iron Menorah is handcrafted by artisans from Moradabad, India. Solid and steady as your faith, this Menorah is a lovely way to observe Hanukkah and the Festival of Light. Shine a light in your home while shining a light in lives across the globe this holiday season.

Due to recent rapidly increasing costs of metal, there has been a tragic effect on the local Indian economy and upon the lives of the artisans as well. With training from Noah's Ark, these craftsmen and women learned other methods to utilize alternative metals and materials to create new, unique art pieces.

Each of these menorahs not only creates independent employment opportunities for the makers, they offer benefits like education and medical care for the artisans and their families.

Wrought Iron Menorah

  • Menorah:

    Wrought iron

    Menorah: 9"W (widest point) x 5.25"H (highest point) inches

    Base: 4"W x 1.5"L

    Openings for candles: 0.4"D (inside diameter) x 0.75"H

    Contains eight candleholders at equal height with the center candleholder raised 0.5 inches higher

    Handcrafted in India

  • Handmade in India by Noah's Ark

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