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Go under the sea with this adorable painting kit!  If you're looking for a fun craft activity for your kids on a rainy day or a way to entertain party guests at your next gathering, these Under the Sea Batik Painting Kits are perfect!  This is an awesome gift for a child to paint with or for a parent or grandparent.  If you're an adult and are looking for a relaxing way to spend some time, a batik painting kit is a wonderful option too.


"Batik is an ancient art that has been practiced for 2,000 years in southeast Asia. This complex dyeing process creates beautiful, intricate designs that are unique to the region they come from or tell a story. The process uses dye-resistant wax to create elaborate patterns and designs, and the wax is then washed to reveal the batik pattern or the process is repeated to create multiple colors." [Batik Boutique]

Each kit comes in its own raised frame cardboard box with a paint tray, one paint brush, and three paints for mixing.  Every fabulous submarine and marine life scene is printed with wax on 100% cotton to allow the artist to paint freely but to stay a bit more in the lines, if desired.  The larger size of each character gives even little hands the space to paint without being crowded.  Great for beginners or younger children who don't put paint brushes in their mouths!

Under the Sea Batik Painting Kit

$24.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Handmade in Malaysia by Batik Boutique

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