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Expressing gratitude is SUCH an incredible gift to give someone for him or her to know just how loved and appreciated they are.  And what better way to say "Thank You!" than with a gift?  


This 5"x7" flat card is designed for you to write your personal message on the blank back while the front beautifully illustrates your intention.  Adding a totally unique, recycled paper bead bracelet that is hand-crafted in Kenya by the teen moms at Have Hope, a maternity rescue center for these young girls and their babies to receive health care, shelter, education, employment and hope, makes this one valuable gift that anyone would love to give AND receive!

Keep a few of these cards in stock for just the right moment when you need to send some thanks and your world-changing impact increases in so many ways!  Thank you!!


5" x 7"

Thank You Card & Paper Bead Bracelet Gift Set


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