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So why the name "Proud Protector" for this particular backpack, you ask?  Because the materials that comprise the exterior layer of this bag are recycled mosquito netting, a protective necessity for travelers and inhabitants alike in Cambodia.  And you, eco-warrior (whether you knew it or not), are going to be proud to not only wear such a sustainably made product, you are also going to be incredibly proud to support the Cambodian women who handmade this stylish AND sturdy backpack.


Working from home or the nearest coffee shop?  Or trying to pack a GO bag for the daily dash to the kids' activities or your next errand run?  This bag is even perfect for school kids or college students who are looking to stash their laptops or chromebooks, some notebooks, and any other devices or necessities. The Proud Protector Backpack is large enough to carry lots of stuff for them or you, is well lined and shuts with two snap closures, has lightly padded adjustable straps and a handy handle, but it is also lightweight enough for wearing all day long on any adventure you need to take.

In a country where the typical living wage for workers is $1.10 per day, our partner organization Fair Anita pays their artisans $5.50+ per day PLUS health insurance, educational scholarships, and handicap accessible housing.  Now that is something to be proud to support when you purchase the Proud Protector Backpack or any of our curated Fair Anita products.

Meet the artisans!  CLICK HERE for a video of the ladies behind the Cambodia Collection.

Proud Protector Backpack

  • Made from recycled mosquito netting in Cambodia.

    Measures 13" long and 13.5" wide. Straps extend to 37". 

  • Handmade in Cambodia by Fair Anita

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