The world has seen innumerous changes in the past few months due to the pandemic, and among those is the need for face masks to be worn, for at least the near future.  It is also the perfect time to recognize the interconnectedness of our world, the ways that we are all entwined regardless of our location on the planet.  Which also makes this an important time to support people living in vulnerable, poverty-stricken countries where the ripple effect of a global pandemic is felt even more deeply and painfully.

Thus, we're offering a very limited supply of 3-layer face masks made from tightly woven organic cotton, chemical-free by our artisan partners, Fair Anita.  Washable, reusable, breathable.


We LOVE that our partners at Fair Anita has also pledged:

100% of the sale of our face masks are donated to our Artisan Emergency Relief Funds, getting resources to the marginalized communities where our artisan partners live and work in nine countries around the world. 

Organic Cotton Face Masks - Adult

  • 3-layer face mask made from tightly woven organic cotton, chemical-free.  Washable, reusable, breathable.  Recommended wash before use.  Elastic hoops loop around ears for adjustable fit. We do not consider these masks to be medical grade equipment, and they are not anti-viral, but they are made following the CDC's homemade mask recommendations. [from Fair Anita]

  • Handmade in Cambodia by Fair Anita

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