So here's what we LOVE about these masks, and there are many things we love.


- 100% organic cotton and natural dyes.  Vibrant colors and playful patterns make each mask totally unique and extra safe since you're not breathing in the nasty chemicals that are in non-organic fabrics and dyes. 


- Adjustable ties that are easy to slip on and slip off for adults or children.  Since the ties on these face masks are adjustable to snugly tie around the head, they offer a more comfortable fit than those with elastic ear bands, especially when wearing for longer periods of time.


- Two layers of breathing protection with room for more.  Each two-layer mask also has a pocket for a filter, should you choose to add one for additional filtering protection


- Batiked using traditional Ghanian methods.  "Batik (pronounced ba-teek) is an ancient fabric art in which a hot wax resist is painted or stamped onto fabric then dyed. Dye seeping through cracks in the hardened wax before it's melted off creates the unique "crackled" look batik is known for."

For more on Global Mamas' batiking process, CLICK HERE.

- Handmade by women in Ghana who work hard to redefine the future for their children by providing for their families through education, employment, and income.  



For a video of how to wear this adjustable mask: CLICK HERE

Organic Cotton Adjustable Face Masks - ADULT

  • - Double layer of 100% organic cotton; convenient adjustable tie.

    - Pocket allows for filter insert (not included).

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