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Purchasing a Global Mamas bib truly changes the world for not just your sweet little, but for the beloved babies in each artisan mama's life.  Bright and cheery, the Meadow Bib is handmade in so many ways - hand-batiked using traditional batik methods, hand-grown 100% organic cotton, hand-sewn by mothers in Ghana. 


It would be difficult to find a bib that is made with more love and life-changing power.  Because with every purchase of a Global Mamas item, the young Ghanian mothers are able to leave poverty through the financial stability and global marketplace provided through their Fair Trade artisanship.  Then, these mothers are offering their families a changed future with food, health care, education, and employment that they would not have been able to attain without their handicrafts with Global Mamas.

Organic Baby Bib - Meadow


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