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Stunningly handwoven, these sisal bowls and trivet would make an eye-catching wall display for your next room revamp or a gorgeous wedding gift.  The oranges, greens, and blue hues of the Mwanganza Trivet and Large Bowl perfectly complement the light and dark blues of the Kayumba Small Bowl to create a mix and match artsy decor collection, especially since each item has a string attached for hanging, if desired.  You can still use the basket bowls and the trivet for their kitchen purposes too!

The incredible Rwandan artisans skillfully extract the sisal fibers from the agave plant, then hand-dye and weave them around sweetgrass to create each vibrant work of art.  By purchasing this unique collection of 

Mwanganza & Kayumba for Home

  • Handmade in Rwanda for Amsha

  • Mwanganza Trivet - Approximately 9.5" ($28 value)

    Mwanganza Large Bowl - Approximately 12" diameter ($50 value)

    Kayumba Small Bowl - Approximately 8" diameter ($26 value)

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