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Trying a new language like Mandarin or English could be challenging for young children, English as a Second Language Learners,  or even adults looking to try their skills at bilingualism, but with the Minilingo flashcards, the whole process can actually be fun!


Every pair of matching word/picture/character cards is boldly drawn and vibrantly colored, and since you can play with or without the words, these cards are an excellent learning tool for kids of all ages.  There are 20 sets of play-packed Mandarin/English flashcards that are ready to play memory, snap, bingo, or any creative game you or your child can create!  Take this card set on the road to practice in a parking lot, to the grandparents' house, or keep a deck at home because learning happens everywhere.

3.35" x 3.35" x 1.06"

Minilingo Chinese-English Bilingual Cards


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