Buy 1, Give 1 AND donate to help kids with cancer...

For every headband sold, one is donated to a child with an illness by Headbands of Hope.

Ethical Hope will also donate 20% to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to fund childhood cancer treatment and research.


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with HoH to bring you a curated collection of multi-functional headbands that also provide hope and help for children who are struggling with either childhood cancer diagnoses or another severe illness. We believe in the mission of this incredible organization and are thankful for the opportunity to encourage these courageous kids and their families.


And these Tube Turbans are perfect for any season and tons of reasons!  Since these products can also be used as a gaiter in place of a face mask, they're even more multi-functional than ever!   Where else can you find one product that can be used in so many ways?  We love the variety of wearing styles (be sure to check out the photos and diagrams, as well as in the How to Wear section for ideas) and the all-purpose boldness of the Midnight Black.  Guys or girls can easily find a multitude of uses for the Midnight Black Tube Turban, making it easy to gift too!


And don't forget that every headband you purchase also provides one headband to a child with cancer or another serious illness, as well as a donation to St. Jude! 

Midnight Black Tube Turban

  • Scrunch to desired width of headband.

    Wear with hair pushed back like a headband in the summer or wear on top of your head over your ears for warmth in the winter.

    Can also be used as a face covering!

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- Ethical Hope is about family - the global community that is our family, whether we know them all or not, and caring for them exactly as they are, wherever they are.  

- Ethical Hope is about value - valuing those who have been deemed worthless and showing them that their contributions to the world are indeed valuable and vitally important.

- Ethical Hope is about justice - the need for offering fair treatment and sustainable wages in cultures and societies where the outcasts are forgotten or neglected.

- Ethical Hope is about hope - offering it to anyone who needs hope in their struggles, light in their darkness, acceptance in their brokenness.


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