Sometimes taking time to push re-set to re-center is an important step for any woman.  We love that the young women who hand-poured these deliciously tropical candles are doing just that - transforming their lives from homelessness and poverty to safety and employment through their work with Bright Endeavors in Chicago, IL.   These at-risk moms have chosen to start anew as they raise their families through the supportive training provided by Bright Endeavors.  Light a candle, change a life.


"Lime Lemongrass is scented with a zesty key lime scent complemented by refreshing lemongrass and undertones of creamy coconut and yuzu. Phthalate free." ~ SERRV


4 oz. Spa Tin ~ 15 hours burn time

Lime Lemongrass Soy Candle

  • Handmade in the USA by Bright Endeavors

  • Looking for a lovely gift for a bride, mom-to-be, daughter or best friend?  Pair this lovely candle with a coordinating Artisan Soap from BaliZen and a Pumice Heart Stone from BaliZen!

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