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Gorgeously vibrant in its unique sari fabric and fully reversible, these Kantha quilts are TRUE handmade quilts with raw handstitched edges and multiple colorful vintage fabrics to create our amazing one-of-a-kind blankets.  


Traditional kantha embroidery is created from a running stitch rendered by skilled Indian artisans.  In fact, it's considered to be a form of artistic expression - a personal diary of sorts - told by a single set of hands.


Practiced for centuries, this time-honored technique finds its way into our living spaces with pieces like this handmade blanket. Draped over the back of your favorite chair or at the foot of the bed, it adds a luscious pop of color. Maybe you love eating outdoors and would love a fabulous tablecloth for your patio table or a one-of-a-kind picnic blanket to take on your next adventure! 


No matter where you use this Kantha Blanket, you're sure to get compliments on its uniqueness and on your eco-friendliness.  Since these cloths are created using upcycled saris, you are preserving the planet and creating jobs for the artisans who stitched it.

Kantha Queen-Size Blanket or Tablecloth

$76.00 Regular Price
$45.60Sale Price
    • Patterns and colors will vary as expected
    • Reversible with complementary designs on both sides
    • Approx. 60 x 80 inches (Queen Size)
    • 100% cotton

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