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"Oh dearest one, it's hard to tell you
Everything you'll need.
Here, at least, you have my love to
Read, and read, and read.


"Where'er you go, whate'er you do,
Have peace. Be calm. Be still.
My love will keep surrounding you.
It does. It always will."


Sweetly sentimental, this book is a beautiful way for you to share notes of encouragement to a child you love as he or she travels through all of life's journeys through his or her trials and triumphs.  Throughout the book, there are 6 prompts for you to write a note directly into the book to be uncovered and treasured by the child for a lifetime.  I'll Love You For Always is truly a timeless gift for a child of any age.


I'll Love You for Always - by Peter Hinckley

  • * Hardback

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