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Kenyan-sourced porous lava beads in cream beautifully compliment the ocean blue-colored, hand-rolled paper beads and tiny gold seed beads, the Have Hope Bracelet is the little bit of jewelry that's a must-have for today, especially if you use for aromatherapy.   Add a few drops of our FairTrade Rasa Essential Oils (available in Lavender, Lemongrass, and Relaxation) and enjoy the wellbeing that comes with mindfulness or meditative aromas.


Hope is exactly what we all need right now.  And if a bracelet is able to both give hope and spread hope, then this is exactly the perfect piece of jewelry for the job.


The women artisans of Have Hope work incredibly hard to create not only meaningful jewelry for you, but also to create hope-full lives for themselves and their children.  Working for Mercy House Global through Have Hope, in the midst of this large slum in Kenya, is a testimony to the strength and commitment of each woman to leave the abuse, poverty, violence, homelessness, rape, or other personal atrocity that has befallen her. 

And purchasing this bracelet is just one way you can share in her story and care for her life.  Because every life is valuable.

Have Hope Lava Bead Bracelet -Ocean


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