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Hailing from the majestic mountains of Bali, the natural ingredients found there are carefully blended by artisan hands to create each of these delightfully different soaps.  We love that each soap is hand-wrapped in cheerfully printed cotton fabric, making it perfect for gifting!  


Looking for a bridal party favor, gift for your mom or favorite mom-to-be, or even for your daughter or best friend?  Pair one of these BaliZen soaps with a coordinating candle from Bright Endeavors and a Pumice Heart Stone from BaliZen!  If you're giving a gift anyway, give a gift that gives back.  Give a gift that changes the world.


- Chempaka, an indigenous flower in Bali, is frequently used to scent holy water there, due to its light nuances.  Here it comingles with simple, all-natural components in the Chempaka Flower Soap.


- Jasmine Turmeric combines the flowery aroma of jasmine with the earthy scents of turmeric to create a beautifully blended fragrance.


- Lavender Oatmeal bears a more traditional scent with soothing lavender and skin-softening oatmeal integrated into the wholesome ingredients in this soap.



Size: 2.5"D x 1″H

Hand-Wrapped Artisan Soaps

    • beeswax
    • coconut oil
    • aloe vera
    • essential oils
  • Handmade in Bali by BaliZen

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