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Melissa Bradford's simultaneously stunning and heartbreaking journey across eight countries, sixteen addresses, and five different languages as she and her family of six learn to share life, loss, and love together around the world.  From New York City to Norway, Paris to Munich, Singapore to Switzerland, they discover cultures, cuisines, and experiences like none other while also learning to love such a complex and diverse world, and most importantly how to love each other through it all.


Paperback book

Global Mom: A Memoir

  • “This could have been a memoir about loss, and a mother's grief. It would have been natural and understandable, given that her son, Parker Bradford, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of eighteen. Any parent brave enough to try to imagine that loss would have forgiven Melissa Dalton Bradford for being unable to write from any other point of view than that of sorrow. Moreover, I have no doubt that book would also have been worth reading, since Melissa Dalton-Bradford writes very well. Instead, here is a rich, frank and funny book in which the essentials of family and friendship and community are combined with interesting travelogue and the best kind of spiritual writing. In short, this is a book about love." —Kate Braestrup, New York Times best-selling author of Here If You Need Me

    "After twenty years and eight different international relocations for her husband’s career, Melissa Dalton-Bradford has much to offer on how ordinary family moments can create an extraordinary family journey when you mix countries and cultures. Global Mom: A Memoir is a brilliant hero’s journey highlighting the challenges and triumphs of motherhood under unique cross-cultural circumstances. With honesty, sensitivity, and humor, Dalton-Bradford is a role model for all parents who will be relocating with children, especially those who will relocate for their spouse’s career." —Paula Caligiuri, P.h.D., author Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals

    "Global Mom provides an honest and poignant look at the unique challenges of raising a family across multiple cultures. It’s a journey worth visiting for readers." —Bicultural Mama

    "The humor is self-deprecating; the pain—beyond compare. I found myself laughing out loud. . . and sobbing out loud, as well." —The Association for Mormon Letters

    ". . . a stunning picture of life . . ." —The Deseret News

    ". . . a must read . . . a powerful story . . . extraordinary." —Chuck Lit Central

    “After reading Melissa Dalton Bradford's fascinating memoir of her adventures with her family I am left with many emotions—admiration, amazement, and, as a mom who has done her own fair share of moving her family around, deep empathy. This is one brave woman!” —Sharon Galligar Chance

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