We love that these soy candles are hand-poured by young, at-risk moms in Chicago who are choosing to raise their families in suportive, safe environments.  Bright Endeavors offers training and employment for these young women, instead of their former lives of homelessness and poverty.  Light a candle, change a life.

"Fresh Bouquet is a field flower mixed bouquet type with top notes of grapefruit, middle notes of violet, rose, wintergreen, and jasmine, with an amber, and a patchouli base note.  Phthalate free." ~SERRV


4 oz. Spa Tin ~ 15 hours burn time

Fresh Bouquet Soy Candle

  • Handmade in the USA by Bright Endeavors

  • Looking for a lovely gift for a bride, mom-to-be, daughter or best friend?  Pair this lovely candle with a coordinating Artisan Soap from BaliZen and a Pumice Heart Stone from BaliZen!

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