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Decorate your space with these plump Pumpkin Pillows every autumn, and you're sure to enjoy the oversized size and natural felted feel too.  Choose from either the Dark Orange with its twisted brown vine, lush green leaves and curlicue green tendrils OR the Light Orange with its buttery yellow blossom and mossy green leaves. 


Both Felted Pumpkin Throw Pillows are created from 100% natural wool, hand-felted by expert women artisans from Kyrgysztan.  Your purchase of these pillows supports the traditional art and craftsmanship of marginalized groups in Central Asia, which is invaluable to these artisans who live far from global markets that value their artistry.  You're providing education in self-sustainable business and computer skills, management and quality control techniques, as well as stable income sources that allow women to have financial independence.

Felted Pumpkin Throw Pillow


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