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"For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be full of people's love and concern for each other."   ~ Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity


Building communities through home-building, soul-strengthening, self-relying stability is the core of Habitat for Humanity's mission, and that's exactly what purchasing the Build Bracelet does for the families who are in need of affordable housing.  If you or someone you've loved has ever struggled with financial insecurity and has been on the verge of homelessness, then perhaps you understand this heartache all too well.  And that's exactly the same struggle that has been felt by millions of people around the world, including the women who crafted this Build Bracelet.


Each of these shimmering onyx and graphite beaded bracelets is hand-strung by the women artisans from WorldFinds who strive to find a path out of poverty through dignified work, stable wages, a safe workplace, and a shining hope for the future.  So every bracelet has a dual impact on countless lives in the United States and in India.


WorldFinds has already donated 15% of the wholesale prices of these bracelets to Habitat for Humanity, to provide funds for the purchase of land, building materials, and housing.  Donations are made based on how many they purchase from the artisans, not product sales.

Build - Cause Connection

    • Measures .125″ wide; stretches to fit most wrists.
    • Beads are made of glass and a brass/metal mix.
  • Handmade in India by WorldFinds

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