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How cool would it be to learn some of the skills that our artisans pass down, generation after generation, so their children can continue their cultural traditions?  These coiled basket kits are a great way for a beginner basket-maker to test his or her skills!


These instructions will teach you how to coil a small basket.

Coiling is a basketry method where one material is wrapped around another in a spiral. Generally the materials used for wrapping are soft and flexible while the coil can be a bit more rigid. Designs can be created by using multiple colors and textures.


Coiled basketry requires patience and perseverance. Keep at it and you will be proud of your new skills and finished basket.

Coiled Basket Kit - Beginner

    • Kit contains: Fiber cord, raffia, tapestry needle and color photo instructions
    • You will need: scissors, ruler, water
    • Kit makes one coiled basket about 2-1/2" wide by 1-1/2" tall
    • Ages 8 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages
    • Made in USA
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Traditional Craft Kits

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