Oh my yum!  If you simply can't get enough chocolate, you're so not alone.  Brownies are such an easy way to get your chocoholic's fix, and they're so adaptable to add deliciousness like raspberry preserves or cheesecake batter, caramel swirls or peanut butter cups... So many options that are sure to tickle your tastebuds! 


With frosting or without, dusted with powdered sugar or plain, Women’s Bean Project’s chocolate brownie mix makes the best chocolate brownies since Fanny Farmer created the recipe back in 1905. This Chocolate Brownie Mix requires just two additional ingredients: two eggs and butter.   Bring on the baking!


So let the kiddos (or the non-baker in your crew) make a super easy, but oh-so-fudgy-and-fabulous treat for Valentine's Day, a birthday, baby shower, or any day!  Dollop some ice cream on top of the gooey goodness and drizzle with some caramel or fudge topping, and you'll have a restaurant-quality dessert in no time!   Yep, we're getting hungry now too...


Maybe you want to make a creative care package for some friends when you can't be with them in person, like for a movie watch party or a virtual holiday gathering, sending to a college student or your beloved grandchildren.  These brownie mixes would make a delectable way to spread the love near and far!


What makes this brownie mix even more fantastic is that your purchase of this mix, or any of the Women's Bean Project products, empowers the strong women and supports the incredible work of this organization.  Women's Bean Project is a transitional employment program serving women who have struggled to obtain and maintain employment. When Women's Bean Project hires women, they enter the role of production assistant and work in our food manufacturing business, making and packaging all the products they sell.

Chocolate Brownie Mix

  • "Women are in our program for 7 months, after which they graduate into an entry-level, career-building job. While in the program, women take part in a robust program of classes and receive wrap-around support from our team of case managers, program volunteers and community partners. Women are employed and paid full-time, whether they are working on the production floor or working in the classroom in our program of classes.

    "Our goal is to help women start on the path toward self-sufficiency and address the many barriers to employment they have faced throughout their lifetime. We help women develop stability, build crucial skills and set goals that will carry into the next chapter. We do this through a combination of on-the-job training, life skills classes, career service assistance and case management."

    For more information about the program: click HERE

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