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Looking for a great gift to keep in stock for a surprise moment with your beloved?  This 5"x7" flat card is custom-designed just for that occasion!  With plenty of room on the back of the blank All You Need Is Love Card, you are able to inscribe sweet thoughts and messages to accompany the handmade recycled, water-resisting paper bead bracelet that is truly a one-of-a-kind gift for your totally unique special someone! 

Knowing that your purchase of this card and bracelet set is also providing education, employment, and shelter for the young teen moms and their babies of Have Hope, a maternity rescue center in Kenya, while saving the world one recycled bit of paper at a time AND sharing a thought-full gesture with your loved one should surely make you feel like the amazing world changer you are!


5" x 7"

All You Need is Love Card & Paper Bead Bracelet Gift Set


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