Pleasantly refreshing but not overpowering, this wonderfully peppermint scented soap is ready to ring in the holidays with its super-cute Santa Claus wrapping!  Handmade with palm oil that is sustainably grown on small Indian farms and plantations so as NOT to contribute to deforestation, this Candy Cane Soap makes a fabulously festive gift for everyone, even your favorite eco-warrior.


Looking for more quick gift ideas?  These delightful holiday-scented soaps make great little gifting items!   We have a wonderful variety of fun seasonal soaps that are ready to be given away to your friends or co-workers, teachers or nannies.  Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, and Mistletoe Soaps are also available!

Candy Cane Soap

  • Candy Cane Soap

    • Vegetable oil soap
    • Peppermint scented
    • 3Lx2Wx1H inches
    • Made in India
  • Handmade in India by Palam Rural Centre for Ten Thousand Villages

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