This All-Purpose Olive Wood Spatula is artistically and sustainably crafted from non-productive olive trees in Tunisia by two brothers who use their ancestral traditions and skills to carve each unique serving piece.  Nonporous by nature and coated in a protective layer of olive oil, Natural Olive Wood products are safe and sustainable.  So feel free to use this beauty anywhere and everywhere you can!


Adding a natural accent to your kitchen and a cultural story to your repertoire when you're able to share the brothers' art of carving the trunks of olive trees to produce gorgeous olive wood pieces which highlight the distinct swirling patterns of the trees' twisted trunks.  

Through their use of sustainable tree selection, recycling methods when possible, and fair wage payments of their artisans, multiple ethical practices are utilized in force at Natural OliveWood.

All-Purpose Olive Wood Spatula

    • 13"L x 3"W
    • Hand carved
    • Hand wash with soap and warm water
    • Oil periodically with any edible oil to renew the wood's natural luster
    • Made in Tunisia
  • Handmade in Tunisia by Le Souk Olivique for Sobremesa by Greenheart

    "Who made this product? This fair trade wooden utensil was sourced directly from the Mediterranean coast in Nabeul, Tunisia by artisans of Le Souk Olivique whose long standing tradition informs how they hand carve their olivewood products.

    "Why is it ethical? Sobremesa by Greenheart works directly with the artisans to ensure fair trade principles are upheld. These artisans forgo machines, decals, and stencils in favor of freehand artistry, which makes each piece in Sobremesa’s exclusive line truly one-of-a-kind. Le Souk Olivique provides steady work and skills for their artisans and their reliance on human ingenuity over machinery better serves our environment." [source: Sobremesa]

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